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At that time I was 16 years old, and I was going to high school in my city. Well, in my school there was a teacher who gave us Biology. She was a woman in her 30s. She was a woman who despite her age was very good looking. All the high school guys masturbated thinking about her. His description to give you an idea was as follows: Average 1.75m, would weigh around 65kg, his body seemed to have been molded by an artist. She had ideal-sized breasts that were neither too big nor too small, her ass was dreamy, slightly bumpy and smooth as silk. Her jet black hair, her eyes were green, she had a very lewd look. Her way of dressing was very suggestive, it allowed her imagination to fly. She almost always wore see-through blouses and lace bras that delighted college dudes. She also wore very tight skirts that showed off her beautiful panties. When she was not wearing a very tight skirt, she was wearing very tight jeans, or in the best of cases she was wearing leggings where her beautiful pussy showed. Her pussy was like a half-open flower, it was just stunning.

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Well, I was lucky that she taught me that year, in addition to being very suggestive of dressing, she was very nice. Whenever we had any doubts, she would come with her angelic bearing, she would stand by to explain our doubts to us. He put himself in a very provocative way, he stood behind the table and leaned on it, leaving his ass in pomp. Whenever I could, I would stand behind him to be able to contemplate such an excellent show. One day I realized that sometimes she did not wear panties, if not a tiny thong that only covered a tiny part of her shaved pussy. I discovered this because in an exam I was silent in a pen, in front of you. She was correcting the exams of other courses and did not notice. Just when I was going to take the pen I looked at her and I saw that she had her shaved pussy and that she was wearing a thong that could not cover her dilated rabbit. After that I could not continue doing the quiet exam, I imagined her naked body next to mine.

One day the long-awaited topic of human reproduction arrived, this was the topic that aroused the most emotion among the male audience.

After explaining the most basic, which everyone knew, he proposed to send a paper on the subject in question.

That day she was wearing a one-piece dress, it was loose, but it was very good, at one point she leaned forward to explain a question to one who was in front of me and could see her

bra, god, that image I will never forget, as her pretty breasts were covered by a lace bra.

At one point it became hard as steel, I said that if I could go to the toilet, he said yes with a certain gesture of anxiety. I immediately went to the bathroom, I took out my cock and I masturbated like I never had before, when I ran a cold sweat ran down my spine. That woman was capable of provoking the greatest passions in me. I think it had a certain power over me, because every time I saw it it made me nervous, apart from the fact that it made me hard like never before.

Well going back to the job you send us, I will say that it was one of the jobs with which I learned the most.

When we were doing the work, it occurred to me that I might go down to the library to get some books.

When I went to tell him I didn't realize that he was spliced ​​and that thanks to my blue jeans my erection was very visible.

- Miss Cindy - that was her name - I wonder if she could go to the library to get some books for work- I said.

- Sure, you can go, but I think it's closed.- she said

- So ...- I said

- Well, it's the same I will accompany you, wait for me to take the keys- she said

And then we went downstairs, up the stairs I noticed my huge erection, apparently she had also noticed, since she kept looking at me with a certain malicious face.

When we were going down the stairs, his keys fell, I was thinking about his lewd body and I didn't realize it. When she bent down to get the keys, I dressed him without realizing it. I felt her dilated pussy, it was wet. I thought he was going to tell me something, but instead he apologized with the excuse that he was very clumsy. When I got to the library it was dark, she told me to go ahead to turn on the light since she was not arriving well. Just as I went to turn on the light, I noticed a slight pressure on my pants. When I turned to look, I saw my teacher pretending to be absent-minded. I did not give it much importance at that time.

When I picked up a book, she told me that she had noticed something very hard and big on the stairs.

I got red as a tomato, I didn't know what to say so I said it was a permanent that he had in his pocket. She nodded, the book I was looking for was missing. So I told him:

- Miss, the book I'm looking for I can't find it-

- I can not find it? - She said.

"No, miss, I can't find it," I said.

"What book is it?" She asked.

- Human anatomy, section the female reproductive system - I answered.

"Wait, I think it's on the shelf up there," she said.

Then he got on a ladder, and told me to get underneath it so I could hold it.

I did so, since I was wearing a skirt you can see all the slit of her pussy in all its splendor.

- Antonio- that is my name- you can see it. She said

- Yes, I think it is a very open one that is there, I said.

- Yes, it is a little used, but it still works- she said

- Not even what I say miss seems to me that can help me- I said

- Well, I'm going to download your cat, if I don't fall.

When she came down I couldn't stop her from falling into my arms, her tits were at the height of my mouth, and her pussy was in my arms. She had really fantastic tits that smelled like roses. She immediately laughed as if playing down the matter. But I had an arm between her pussy, and I noticed that she was very hot and wet.

- Thank you very much for seeing me caught, otherwise I would have fallen to the ground- she said.

"It was nothing, miss, it was just an instinct," I said.

"Not that you say it, a very fierce instinct," she said.

- How do you say miss? - I said.

- Nothing, nothing ..... things of mine- she said.

Then I put her down, and I was able to run my hand over her ass. She the very perverted did not say anything. So we decided to go to class, when we went up, she went ahead and as I went up the stairs I could see the tiny thong tucked in the slit of her beautiful ass. This contributed to my penis becoming more erect. When I got to the class I sat in my place and I started to look at the book, just what I was looking for was not there. So I went to tell the lady about it.

"Miss Cindy, what I'm looking for isn't exactly here," I said.

- What are you looking for? - She said.

- I am looking for an illustration of the female reproductive system when it is in excitement ...- I said.

"I see, I think I have what you are looking for in my house, I have some very graphic books," she said with a smile of mystery.

- Great, I wonder if I could bring them the next day- I said.

"Because you would have to wait until the next day, I have an idea come and look for them after class," she said.

- I don't know ... miss I don't know if I can ... –I said

- Nonsense I give you my address and this afternoon that there is no class you come to my house and take them- she said.

- Well, if you insist. - I said.

So in the afternoon of that day I went to look for the books. She lived in a house on the outskirts of the city, the house had a lawn, a pool, Jacuzzi and a great sauna. Upon arrival she received me in a tiny swimsuit, I was blown away since her precious pussy was only partially hidden by the thong stripe. He certainly had a spectacular body. Seeing my shocked face, he could only mask his excitement with a simple, but exciting smile.

- Oops, I did not expect you so soon - she said

- It was that I thought that at this time you would be at home - I said. (considering that it was 4:00 pm)

"Of course he was at home, right now he was in the indoor pool," she said, waving her black hair in the wind.

- Well then, give me the books that I don't want to disturb you anymore- I said with some nervousness before such disturbing vision.

- Non-bothersome nonsense, moreover I have allowed myself to buy you a swimsuit so that you come with me to the pool to do a few lengths- she said with a knowing grimace.

- A swimsuit for me? ¡¡- I said with a shocked face.

- Yes, I just didn't remember telling you to bring it. It is that you know what happens is that I turn out to be a great fan of swimming .... and well I wanted to check without being in shape competing with a young man as athletic as you. - She said.

- Well I ... I don't know what to say, the truth is that I had arranged to go play football ... I said.

"Nonsense, you'll have time to play football another day," she said, cutting me off.

- Well, it wasn't very important either - I said.

Immediately afterwards he led me into the house, it was a grandiose house, in a baroque style. Before entering the house you had to cross a lawn and a garden. The door to the house was made of oak. The house was decorated with pictures of nude men posing. He led me to the guest room, then left to go get the swimsuit. When he returned he had a tiny black thong in his hand.

"Take this is the only thing I have found, the others seemed very childish to you," she said.

- This I ... I don't think I can wear that ... - I said

- Don't be silly this is so you can swim more easily, so there is less resistance ... - she said with a smile.

"I know ... but I don't know if I'll be comfortable," I said.

"Well, I'll leave it here for you and whenever you want to go down, okay," she said.

- Okay - I said

He then left for the door, under the pretext that he was going to change his swimsuit because it was very wet from below. Well I took off my clothes, I already had a huge erection. So I realized that I would notice the piece of cock with the thong. But I did not give it much importance.

After I put on the tiny garment as well as I could, the cock was partially hidden behind the swimsuit. So with a huge erection I went down, there she was in a tiny bikini, the top barely managed to cover her huge breasts, the panties was a thong that almost could not cover her precious rabbit.

- Well I see that you have finally decided to go down, I already thought that I would be alone doing crafts- she said.

"Yes, but I'm not comfortable with this," I said as I watched her.

"Well, I see you very well, but very well," he said as he got up to jump into the pool.

In the jump that my dear teacher gave, you can see how one of the breasts came out of the swimsuit, that fleeting vision, though, made my erection increase to unsuspected limits. She began to swim, her wet body and her beautiful hair in contact with the water made her a goddess of sex.

"Why don't you cheer up and bathe?" She said, as she swam on her back letting her precious breasts float.

- I don't think I should, but anyway I'll take a little bath- I said.

"The water is very warm, cheer up," she said.

When I had managed to get into the water because it was really cold, contrary to what she said. I watched as she sneakily removed her bikini top, leaving her huge breasts in contact with the water. Her chocolate-colored nipples stood on end, I suppose because of the cold water or maybe for other reasons.

Finally I decided to go into the water to try to simulate the huge erection that she had caused me, but honestly I think she had already seen something very big in me. I started to swim so that the warmth that I had on passed me. When I finished swimming and I stopped to rest, I was on my back when suddenly she made herself from behind supporting her perfect breasts on my back, at that moment my cock turned to look at the sky, she apparently noticed.

"It seems you are very happy to see me," she said.

- Normal, I suppose, I said, with a grin.

- Normal? , I think this is not normal- she said.

Immediately he made me turn, at that moment I saw those big tits, with nipples harder than ever. He looked at me and with his graceful hand he took the package from me, I rub it a lot and said:

- Yes, what I thought, there is no doubt- she said

- How do you say Miss Cindy? - I said.

- Please, just call me Cindy and what I want to tell you is that this thing that I have in my hands is very big, I think I have never had anything so big in my hands. - she said.

- Well, I always thought I had something very special, although your breasts are very big and perfect, so you don't have to envy me- I said.

"Well I think I will have to do something to remedy this" tough "situation," she said.

- Do what you have to do, I am at your feet- I said.

After this we got out of the pool and she made me lie on the lounger, while she kissed my chest and with her playful tongue she ran my erect nipples, because the excitement had made them erect. While sucking my nipples, my little thong began to slowly lower and suddenly my phallus appeared in all its splendor, the face of my "teacher" lit up and with very fixed eyes on my cock, she began to suck, lower and raise my cock. The feeling was wonderful, I had never experienced anything like this before.

- Good heavens, how long is this piece of apparatus, Antonio? - She said.

- Well, the last one I measured ... I think it measures about 20cm and about 5cm wide- I said, while sucking my glans with his tongue.

- I do not think so, this beauty must measure a little more, because believe me I have fucked many guys with big cocks and they were not that big ... wait, I'll go find a meter to measure it, wait here - she said, while she He was going inside the house.

- Quiet I will not go, I have to do a few things - I said very excited by the sight of his perfect ass as he walked away.

She returned to the moment with a tape measure of those used in seamstresses, when she arrived my cock was a little sad because of the wait, so she had to do a resuscitation. When he finished doing this, he began to measure my cock that was in all its glory.

- Let's see ... fuck piece of cock you have, how am I going to enjoy it ... - she said.

- How much does it measure ?, I suppose it is equal, that is, 20cm - I said with confidence.

- 23cm measures, it has increased by 3 cm since the last time you measured it, and wait to see in diameter, that this is also interesting ... 4cm, damn ... I'm going to fuck you right now, lad- she said.

He threw the subway into the pool, got up and took off the small thong that he was wearing revealing a wet, shiny and shaved bunny with no hair, except on Mount Venus, where he had a small priamide of hair. I was left with my mouth open, I did not imagine it to be so, although many times I had wandered thinking about him.

- Well now it's my turn to enjoy myself, so you're going to lick my pussy, I have it very wet.

But I have never done it and I don't know how it is done - I said.

- Calm down, I teach you, look, now I lie here, I open my legs a little and you start licking by the thighs, then the mount of venus, and then you open my clam and you suck everything gently, because in one very sensitive area.

I tried to do everything she had told me, and I started sucking the best I knew, apparently I was doing it right because when I got to her clit, she started to gasp and girt with pleasure, saying:

- Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, very well, ohhhh¡¡¡¡¡¡, you do well, dammit, I'm going to cum in your face!

Suddenly a handful of precious liquid wet my entire face, but I continued to suck, because I had liked to give pleasure to my dear Miss Cindy. In an attack of lust, he takes my cock and tells me that I have to put it in him now, because he can't take it anymore. She stands stretched out on the deckchair with her legs spread and tells me to come, what am I waiting for. When I saw her in that situation, I took my steep cock and placed it on her lips, at the contact of my glans with her vagina, an infinite pleasure that covered my body. She in an act of lust pushes me towards her, introducing part of my huge cock, because at the moment not all entered.

- ohhhhh come on let's put it in, please all whole, I want to feel you inside me, go boy ...

I started a push and pull, while I kissed and sucked her huge breasts that do not fit in my mouth, after a few minutes of moaning on my part and on the other hand, I noticed with my eggs they need to release all their load.

- Cindy¡¡¡¡¡¡ I'm going to cum, ohhhh Dioss¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

- Come on come take it off and run on my face, come on I want to feel all your liquid on my skin !!!

When she said this, I took my phallus out of her vagina and I ran on her face, part of my semen fell into her mouth, but much of it hit her eyes and hair. Amid shrieks of pleasure, we both had an orgasm, though as she later confessed to me, she'd had 4 orgasms while fucking her.

When I finished cumming on his face, he took my cock and did a thorough cleaning, running his tongue all over the base, the eggs, until he reached the glans that was dripping with semen.

- I had not finished a better cock than yours and on top of that your semen is top quality- she said as she wiped the remains of semen from her face.

- It was ..... I don't know what to say ... - I said between stutters because of the emotion.

- Well wait because this is just the beginning, you still have to do a review from behind, I also have great plans for your huge dick- she said while laughing.


Well, so far the first part of my relationship with my professor of Biology and Human Anatomy. Hope you like.